Staff anniversaries and new hires

Staff anniversaries

5 years

Sadhana Balachandran, Enterprise Systems
Catherine Bauer-Martinez, Research Technologies
Cory Beyers, Networks
Melissa Borter, Northwest
Colin Boyll, Client Services & Support
Andrew Bright, Client Services & Support
Zachariah Brown, Networks
Tanya Clark, Client Services & Support
Austin Clouse, Client Services & Support
Gary Cummins, Learning Technologies
Brian Erdmann, Client Services & Support
Alaa Fadag, IT Communications Office
Douglas Gimenes, Enterprise Systems
Oniffe Grizzle, Enterprise Systems
Jolene Headley, Chief of Staff
Ian Holtson, Networks
Jamie Hudson, Constituent Success
Daniel Janicki, Learning Technologies
Mamatha Jetty, Enterprise Systems
Dorlita Jones, South Bend
Jonas King, Enterprise Systems
Eugene Kirkley, Research Technologies
Marina Krenz, REN-ISAC
Ryan Lewis, Client Services & Support
Matthew Lutz, CACR
Micah Marx, Client Services & Support
Alicia Maxey, Enterprise Systems
Nancy May, Client Services & Support
James McCombs, Research Technologies
Sean McMullen, Northwest
Andrew Meyer, Policy Office
Eric Morrow, Enterprise Systems
Patrick Parker, Enterprise Systems
Aashil Patel, Client Services & Support
Andrew Quick, Learning Technologies
Kunalan Ratharanjan, Enterprise Systems
Victoria Richardson, CACR
Giovanni Rozzi, Kokomo
Dulce Ruiz Lemus, Finance Office
Mitchell Ryckman, Learning Technologies
Justin Salyer, Client Services & Support
Sheri Sanders, Research Technologies
Kelly Scholl, Learning Technologies
Zachary Steinbrook, Client Services & Support
Brandon Taylor, Southeast
Margaret Tratta, Client Services & Support
Mustafa Tuna, Research Technologies
Samuel Underwood, Learning Technologies
Christian Vallejo, Client Services & Support
Katelin Vesely, Client Services & Support
Andrew Webb, Learning Technologies
Kattie Wickersham, Client Services & Support

10 years

Gary Allison, South Bend
Peter Brown, Enterprise Systems
Susan Coleman, REN-ISAC
Christopher DeWeese, Client Services & Support
Thomas Doak, Research Technologies
Kalina Dunn, Networks
Andrew Gilmore, Client Services & Support
Jeffrey Gilmore, Northwest
Brian Hawkins, User Experience Office
Brian Herbert, Learning Technologies
Lauren Huber, IT Communications Office
Andrea Ingle, Enterprise Systems
Sally Jamerson, Learning Technologies
Gary Jean, Enterprise Systems
Kenneth Jones, User Experience Office
Joseph Kress, Networks
Josh LaMar, User Experience Office
Austin Lord, User Experience Office
Richard Packer, Learning Technologies
Derrick Russell, Southeast
Joshua Russell, Enterprise Systems
Andrea Schmidt, Learning Technologies
Michael Spaulding, Learning Technologies
Aimee Thompson, East
Ryan Vega, Northwest
Teresa Velasquez, Client Services & Support
Kimberly Wagner, Chief of Staff
Von Welch, Information Security
Nicholas Wyatt, Networks
Matthew Younger, Enterprise Systems

15 years

Steven Black, User Experience Office
Joseph Brown, Networks
William Coulter, Enterprise Systems
Charles Escue, Information Security
Robert Freeman-Day, Client Services & Support
Samuel Gibson, Networks
Kyle Gross, Constituent Success
Aaron Hancock, Networks
David Harmon, Client Services & Support
Troy Hornung, Southeast
Weixia Huang, Enterprise Systems
Jae Kim, Enterprise Systems
Rudolph Kizer, Kokomo
Robert Light, Enterprise Systems
Gina Londino-Smolar, Learning Technologies
John Lowe, Research Technologies
Matthew Martin, Enterprise Systems
Thomas Mason, Learning Technologies
Brent Moberly, Client Services & Support
Jim Mullen, Research Technologies
James Owens, Client Services & Support
Michael Porterfield, Networks
Michael Reichwein, Networks
Bernadette Resto, Northwest
Roger Robertson, Networks
Zachary Salter, Client Services & Support
Cecile Schrock, IT Communications Office
Richard Shepherd, Enterprise Systems
Phillip Suphal, South Bend
Sheryl Swinson, REN-ISAC
Jason Sykes, South Bend
Eric Thomas, Research Technologies
Michael Turley, SouthEast
Adam Williamson, Networks
Jennifer Witkemper, Constituent Success
Daniel Young, Enterprise Systems

20 years

Jason Abels, Information Security
Emily Adams, CACR
Hafid Adnane, Networks
Sherry Barnhart, Enterprise Systems
Shane Chapman, Networks
Kenneth Childers, Client Services & Support
David Crabtree, Enterprise Systems
Cherie Dodd, Learning Technologies
Todd Duke, East
Kevin Eder, Enterprise Systems
John Grigutis, Networks
Michael Hawkes, Client Services & Support
Lora Headdy-Fox, Enterprise Systems
Jeremy Hopf, Enterprise Systems
Wenan Liu, Enterprise Systems
James Orahood, Enterprise Systems
Kenneth Pattillo, Enterprise Systems
Marlon Pierce, Pervasive Technology Institute
Beth Plale, Pervasive Technology Institute
Kyle Quass, Enterprise Systems
David Ripley, Networks
Michael Robbins, Networks
Mark Russell, Learning Technologies
Lee Staton, Southeast
Thomas Visnius, Enterprise Systems
Haichuan Yang, Research Technologies

25 years

Ranji Abraham, Enterprise Systems
Charles Aikman, User Experience Office
Amy Burns, Enterprise Systems
Christine Conklin, Client Services & Support
Steven Egyhazi, Learning Technologies
Lowell Furman, Learning Technologies
Christopher Golden, Learning Technologies
Anthony Herring, Enterprise Systems
Matthew Link, Research Technologies
Jeffrey Morris, Enterprise Systems
Lisa Parker-Gummere, Networks
John Walsh, Pervasive Technology Institute
Kathleen Weidner, South Bend

30 years

Damon Beals, Networks
Arthur Campbell, Research Technologies
Kenneth Elliott, Networks
James Francis, Enterprise Systems
Rudeana Honeycutt, Chief of Staff
Rhonda Inman, Finance Office
Kevin Wilhite, Research Technologies

35 years

Cinda Haff, Client Services & Support
Robin Ingram, Chief of Staff
Tammy Pardue, Chief of Staff

40 years

Gary Curto, Learning Technologies
Laura Klein, Networks
Richard Parrish, Networks
John Stigall, Networks

New hires

Mindy Bonifas
Charles Connor-Rondot
Buford (Kyle) Stirling
Jay Gladden
Justin Glass 
Mark Harris 
Anna Dove 
Matthew Rush 
Joseph McQueen 
Neil Nelson 
Joshua McNamara 
Lily Spencer 
Christopher Martin 
Jerry Perkins 
Zachary Coddens
Dylan Laird 
Andrew Kram 
Jordan Brown 
Michael (Jason) Daughtrey 
Daniel Ng
Uma Tamilarasan
Edmond Furia
Eryc Hash
Marla Max Thompson
Catherine Pilachowski
Clayton Puetzer 
Isaac Buchholz 
Darcy Sapp 
Hudson Brown 
Chester Mwanza 
Alison Petrash 
Garrett Grey 
Jordan Cleland 
Joshua Ulerick