A trio of retirements

Marsha Egan, Helen Malin, and Chris Payne leave Client Services and Support with nearly 100 years of institutional knowledge—and a lasting legacy

KEEP IN TOUCH! Chris Payne, Marsha Egan, and Helen Malin pose for one last pic in front of the CIB.

June was a month of change for the UITS Client Services and Support division, as three of its longest-serving employees retired at the same time. 

Marsha Egan, manager of Technology Center Consulting; Helen Malin, assistant manager of Technology Center Consulting; and Chris Payne, manager of quality assurance, training and knowledge management in the UITS Support Center, all bid a fond farewell to impressive careers in IT and embark on new adventures in a post-work life.

“Chris, Marsha, and Helen’s combined years at IU comprises of over 90 years of experience, leadership, and institutional knowledge of IT at IU,” said Momi Ford, UITS director of client support. “Chris dedicated his career to IT training for all IU students, faculty, and staff. He took that experience and implanted it in the Support Center in his final years at IU by formalizing training for technical staff, tracking the quality assurance of work conducted in the SC, and leading the implementation of UITS’ first IT chatbot.

“During their tenure at IU, Marsha and Helen have both worked tirelessly overseeing one of the largest units in UITS with Technology Center Consulting, overseeing thousands of student workers, many who are now FTEs at IU. They provided mentorship, structure, and guidance for these student workers while running a full-service support operation that is known to respond to any odd call and adapt to rapid change when the need arises. All three leave their legacy and imprint at UITS and Indiana University and will be deeply missed.” 

IT Connections salutes Marsha, Helen, and Chris and wishes them well in this new phase of life! Read more about their careers below. 

Marsha Egan

Marsha Egan retired from IU on June 30 after 36 years of service, where she most recently served as manager of Technology Center Consulting (TCC).

Marsha joined Bloomington Academic Computing, a forerunner of UITS, in 1984. An early job was to process the (paper!) applications for accounts on the VAX and Prime mainframe computers. Later, she worked in the Finance Office doing billing, purchasing, and travel planning for UITS staff and payroll as well.  
She worked as an administrative assistant for Norma Holland, then associate vice president for University Information Systems, and then moved to the Support Center taking the lead on supporting Mac and Unix computers. 
In retirement, Marsha is looking forward to more time with family, hopping on a plane with her husband for spur-of-the-moment trips, or simply hanging out at her pool in the summertime.  

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Helen Malin 

Helen Malin retired from IU on June 30 after 19 years of service, where she most recently served as assistant manager of Technology Center Consulting (TCC).  

Helen started as the TCC hiring coordinator. She then moved into the consultant coordinator position where she supervised hundreds of consultants over several years. Helen is now the assistant manager where she supervises our hourly supervisory staff and continues to share in the supervision of the consulting staff. 
Helen has helped our student staff become successful, not just in the job, but to grow in their personal lives as well. Many times, when we hear from our staff after graduation, they express their appreciation for Helen’s work in helping them to get where they are. Each time we receive one of these emails from former staff, Helen’s response is: “This is why we come to work every day!”

In her retirement, Helen plans to relax and acclimate to her new normal, spend more time with her mom, and resume traveling with family and friends as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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Chris Payne 

After 36 years at IU, Chris Payne retired on June 25 as manager of the quality assurance, training, and knowledge management team in the UITS Support Center.  

During those 36 years, Chris helped educate IU students, faculty, and staff about IU information technology resources. While he was manager of UITS IT Training, he led IU to be among the first universities to offer Lynda.com video-based learning. He also transitioned the program from offering primarily classroom-based training to live online instructor-led training to meet the needs of IU campuses across the state.
In 2017, he joined the Support Center as quality assurance, training and knowledge management manager to ensure all support and services delivered by the Support Center are of excellent quality.

His retirement plans include spending more time writing music and volunteering as well as traveling and working on house and gardening projects with his wife. He said he is also eagerly anticipating re-engaging with the world more as we all move toward a post-pandemic life.

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