And the Bicentennial Medal goes to . . . Lora Fox!

Enterprise business systems director earns recognition for her work on IU’s COVID-19 restart efforts

On paper, she’s UITS director of enterprise business systems. This summer, though, Lora Fox was a little bit of everything as she worked to get IU’s COVID-19 restart operation up and running.

She spent days at the IU Memorial Stadium parking lot, in the heat and humidity, helping set up the on-site testing labs and training nurses on how to use the new UITS-developed intake apps. It’s all part of her team-player mentality to do whatever it takes to support IU’s missions of teaching, learning, and research. (Read more about Fox’s role in IU’s COVID-19 restart process in the IT Connections article “#IUStrong.”)

In recognition of these efforts, Fox was awarded an IU Bicentennial Medal. IU President Michael A. McRobbie wrote the following in his personal letter to Fox, “This medal is awarded in recognition of your distinguished leadership and service to Indiana University during an unprecedented period in our university’s history. As a member of the IU Medical Response Team, your exceptional efforts and sound advice have shaped our university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Fox is in good company. Earlier this year, the Executive and Internal Technology Support (EITS) team also earned a Bicentennial Medal, along with two staff members at the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative: Dennis Cromwell, executive director, and Mike Casey, director of technical operations. And this fall, Rob Lowden, vice president for information technology and CIO, also received a Bicentennial Medal.