Work from home, UITS style

It’s a bird! It’s a toddler! It’s a pinball machine? Here’s how the techies at IU are living that remote life

We asked, and you delivered. When IT Connections asked UITS staffers to send in photos of their remote work setups—and any new “coworkers”—we got quite a response.

Take a look at your colleagues’ new workplace situations and some of their out-of-the-ordinary office mates.


pinball machines

Dave Jent. "Some people have bobble heads in their office, I decided to take a different route. These really help me focus!" 

station in kitchen

Craig Stewart. "This is the home office I share with my sweetie, Marion. My side is the left in the picture. I am often complemented on my taste in Frida Kahlo paintings when I am on a videoconference. I like Kahlo a lot, but the office is actually arranged so that each of us can look at our favorite artist—Frederick Phillips for me, Frida Kahlo for Marion." 

cat on desk

Christy Cavanaugh. "My colleague frequently arrives to work before me and is a high performer. This morning he pressed my attire. Other times he has gifted me a nutritious breakfast (i.e., fresh catch)." 

monitor buckled into seat in car

Kyle Bavis. "From the rush to get set up for WFH, I call this photo 'safety first.'" 

two birds

Brandi Rund. "Here are my two helpers, Neeko (blue) and Skeeter (green). They have lots to say, especially in the morning between 8-10am. They do not like that I do not give them my full attention while on Zoom meetings."

rainbow work station

Beth Nolen. "Here’s a photo of my work-at-home space. I had to bring in an additional table to make room for my video development setup. It’s like my cube has taken over my craft room!

corner desk

Tim Silvers. "In full disclosure, remote work wasn’t a product of COVID-19 for me. In December 2018, my wife and I moved to Pennsylvania with our two dogs to be closer to family. We have a sun room, which has become a shared office for my wife and I. My desk, as pictured, faces the street. The space is bright and comfortable, and I get to observe traffic and pedestrians. I invested in a good office chair and a desk, which are essential when working remote. And, yes, that’s a brick street. One of a few in our town."

Dad and kid

Sean Winningham. "Today my son is staying home due to the schools shutting down in Marion County. He came up to my home office and said he would like to have a shared space in my office so he could also work (coloring his coloring books)."

cat on lap

Anthony Mast. "I also have a work from home buddy, a.k.a., my lap warmer."

black and white spotted cat

Alexis Pruitt. "Social distancing has caused some anxiety with my coworkers. He felt the need to crowd me this morning." 

dog in bed

Tim Goth. "My coworker is quite lazy today." 

two cats on blanket

Sheryl Swinson. "New kittens in my household. I adopted Dawa and Kazuri in February—they are providing a lot of entertainment while I’m staying home." 

home work station

Sharlene Toney. "I'm fortunate to have a cozy work from home space. My administrative assistant, Eliza, is often asleep on the job."


puppy laying down

Misty Smith. "Peanut doesn't care that she's too big for the cat bed." 

twin children crafting

Marianne Chitwood. "One day a week I have two additional office mates, a.k.a., Hailee and Harlee, my two-year- old granddaughters. Their mom is a nurse and still working."

tv work station

Lane Bowman. "Last fall I refinished my great-grandmother’s dresser. It’s truly a timeless piece as it now doubles as a standup desk. (Pro tip: Baby wipe boxes are perfect monitor stands. If empty, support interior with 2x4s.)"

dog outside

Michelle Kelmer. "Our dog was so tired of us that he tried to get into our neighbor’s house. This is his return after an unsuccessful attempt."

dog and child working

Kelly Scholl. "I’m used to the fluffy ball hanging around while I work, just patiently waiting for pets. But now my 'let’s all sit in the same room at all times” nine-year-old is having Zoom meetings next to me."

dog asleep under a blanket

Jolene Headley. "'Cutest dog ever,' says my son of his puppy." 

dog with green toy

Jennifer Pacenza. "Is it playtime yet?" 

basement work station

Jeffrey Gummere. "More appreciative than ever of the peace, quiet, and lack of distraction (audible/visual) in my little section of our basement." 

dog laying on couch

Jeannette Lehr. "Here's Rusty. He loves to lounge." 

woman and dog working from parking lot

Ceci Jones. "Here's me (with the only member of my family I can currently tolerate) in the lot hot spot." 

dog blending into carpet

Heather Warnsman. "I have such lazy office mates. Can't even make it to his assigned workspace."

dog being pet

Gwendolyn Sams. "He demands your attention."

dog near carrots

Lesley Grider. "My first day working at home I already have special interest in my snacks."

cat face

John Gosney. "My new office assistant, Teddy. He’s not very productive, but does enjoy hanging out in Zoom/otherwise making his presence known while I try to work."

two-screen work station

Jake George. "During work hours (when I’m not in meetings) I’m pretty much always playing music on those speakers. It’s been really nice listening through everyone’s suggestions, it’s been a great way to learn more about friends and explore music. Overall, I consider myself super lucky to be working on a high-end gaming computer with a mechanical keyboard and two 27” monitors."

Dog under blanket

Erin Tock. “My office mate is always cold.”

cat on keyboard

Nelson Shaffer. "'Helping.’ At least she avoided the keyboard.”