Two beautiful babies, pandemic playlists, staff anniversaries

HELLO, HUDSON! Renée Petrina and Adam Maksl welcomed baby Hudson on March 30. Brother, Isaac, is happy to show him the ropes.

Administrative assistant Mackenzie Bohall and her husband, Peter, have been in a whirlwind since March 12, when their first child, daughter Reya, was born five weeks early, at the very beginning of COVID-19 restrictions.

Little Reya had to have emergency heart surgery at Riley Hospital for Children and is currently on a feeding tube. The family is at home and doing well. However, they will never forget their first night home from the hospital with Reya—their home lost power, and that meant Mackenzie and Peter had to operate Reya’s feeding tube by candlelight. Wow. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!  

mom with baby

BOHALL BABY. New mom Mackenzie Bohall shows off her bundle of joy, Reya. 

Sandra Hawkins, who is celebrating 23 years with UITS this month, has the following dispatch from working in the IU Bloomington Data Center during COVID-19: “I am considered essential staff, and it is my responsibility to be at work. We operate on 24/7 coverage here, and we are in the middle of several interior structural enhancements. We are well prepared with plenty of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes stations for everyone who has to be onsite for the construction crews.” Thank you, Sandra, for your good work!

Julie Johnston, director of learning spaces, sure knows how to liven up a Zoom room. Her team recently held a virtual coffee hour where everyone was supposed to come with their most creative virtual background and favorite coffee mug. 

Zoom screen with many faces

ZOOMY ZOOM. Here's a screen shot of the Learning Spaces team having some fun. 

Trevor Kirtman, CRM application administrator, offers a good way for us all to be #AloneTogether. “The IU CRM team decided to make a collaborative Spotify playlist to stay connected while we are all separated. Here is a link to the playlist >> I figured it would be a fun addition to our Slack conversations.” Rock on, CRM team!

New coworker to report! Hudson Joseph Maksl was born March 30 to Renée Petrina and Adam Maksl. Petrina is manager for online learning scaled partnerships. In addition to his role as associate professor of journalism at IU Southeast, Maksl is also part of UITS as a faculty fellow with eLearning Design & Services. Their 4-year-old, Isaac, is excited to be a big brother, and also excited that Mommy and Daddy are on parental leave and can play with him instead of typing on the computers in the home office. Note: Hudson is the longtime nickname of Petrina’s grandfather, who as a kid could supposedly run as fast as that brand of car.

baby and toddler on a couch

BOY JOY. Baby Hudson joined the Petrina/Maksl household last month, and already big brother, Isaac, is smitten. 

Staff anniversaries

March and April

5 years

  • Jason Crews, IUPUI
  • James English, IU Bloomington
  • Lisa Ensman, IU Bloomington
  • Daniel Figurelli, IU Bloomington
  • Matt Mallon, IU Bloomington
  • Geoffrey McGregor, IU Bloomington
  • Matt Mullins, IUPUI
  • Alexis Pruitt-Andronikos, IU Bloomington
  • Jason Utt, IUPUI
  • Jeremy Walker, IU Bloomington
  • Le Mai Weakley, IU Bloomington

10 years

  • Joseph Brown, IUPUI
  • Linda Wray, IUPUI
  • Hong Zhang, IU Bloomington

15 years

  • Aaron Johnson, IUPUI

20 years

  • Jack Warren Arthur Jr, IUPUI
  • Rose Hasty, IU Bloomington