IQ-Wall makes debut at IU East

Flat screen display is first one installed on an IU regional campus

In the recently renovated Whitewater Hall Lobby at Indiana University East, the First Bank Richmond Tech Zone is anchored by an IQ-Wall, a large display of tiled flat screen monitors.

Measuring 13.5 feet wide, 7.5 feet tall, and containing 33 million pixels, the wall is the first to be installed on an IU regional campus.

A student plays a VR game on the IQ wall at IU East.

Virtually gaming. An IU East student takes a virtual reality break using the IQ-Wall. 

“This display will provide a visually stunning and unique environment for IU East students, staff, and faculty,” said Todd Duke, director of information technology at IU East. Uses for the IQ-Wall include presentations, sharing arts and media content, and collaborative sessions.

Recently the wall was used for a virtual degree presentation, as Katalin Marosi, one of 20 Women's Tennis Association players enrolled at IU East, received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree at her home in Hungary.

A graduate attends a digital ceremony via the IQ wall at IU East.

Hoosier in Hungary. WTA player Katalin Marosi receives her degree from IU East chancellor Kathy Cruz-Uribe in the virtual ceremony. 

A group photo in front of the IQ wall at IU East.

The IQ-Wall is an open concept visualization system designed by IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab, part of the Research Technologies division of UITS and the Pervasive Technology Institute, and was installed by IU East UITS.