See what your colleagues have been up to

William Bobe, web developer, IT Communications, taught himself Laravel and has finished programming his very first Laravel app—the Data Storage and Handling Tool—for the IU Committee of Data Stewards. 

Amanda Chambliss, project manager, IT Communications Office, and Alan Mauro, video producer, IT Communications Office, report that their son, Jack (“the ITCO baby”) can now sit up—but can't yet crawl and still has no teeth. In addition, the seven-month-old boy interned in the CIB earlier in the month, and adorably neglected to wear pants.

Jack, child of Amanda Chambliss and Alan Mauro.

John Grigutis, systems analyst/programmer, software services and licensing, earned his CompTIA Network+ certification on January 11.

Nancy Chen Long, principal database-application consultant, Research Technologies, won a creative fellowship in poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts. Long is one of 37 writers to receive a 2017 individual creative writing fellowship of $25,000. NEA fellowships are highly competitive, and Chen Long was selected from more than 1,800 eligible applicants. She is the only recipient from Indiana to receive a creative writing fellowship this year. Visit her blog to learn more.

Nancy Chen Long

Levi McGranahan, interactive designer, User Experience Office, will display his artwork at Bloomington’s Blueline Media Productions on Friday, February 3, 5-8pm. The art show, “Deep Cuts,” is a collection of abstract works focusing on the relationships between shapes and the space they occupy.

Artwork Levi will be showing.

Joe Stone, multimedia producer, IT Communications Office, recently launched Urban Deer Records, a new label focusing on avant, experimental, abstract, and improvisational music. Its first release, Paris Suite by Marty Belcher, is available for download and purchase at Belcher's ensemble (with Stone on drums and electronics) will perform at Bloomington's Players Pub February 9, 6-9pm.

January staff anniversaries

Vincent Cannon, IT Communications Office, 25 years, IUPUI

Erick Carballo, Database Administration, 15 years, IU Bloomington

Brooks Etienne, GlobalNOC Service Desk, 5 years, IU Bloomington

Larry Hayden, Mac/PC Support, 10 years, IU Northwest

Jen Oakes, IT Training, 15 years, IUPUI

Cathy O’Bryan, Client Services and Support, 5 years, IU Bloomington

Nate Pairitz, Classroom and Conferencing Support, 5 years, IU Bloomington

Alexis Pruitt, Application Security and Quality Assurance, 15 years, IU Bloomington

Andrew Ragusa, GlobalNOC Network Analysis and Control, 10 years, IU Bloomington

Julia Sanders, eLearning Design and Services, 5 years, IU Bloomington

Raymond Sheppard, Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning, 15 years, IUPUI

Matthew Standish, Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure, 10 years, IU Bloomington

Jenett Tillotson, High Performance Systems, 10 years, IU Bloomington

Alice Warner Jackson, GlobalNOC Regional/I-Light Networks, 20 years, IU Bloomington